Twenty-four. November 11th. Toronto. Boyf to the max.

qui nos opprimere velint illos libenter devoramus

creating an imperial enchanter [x]


Etienne Chambaud - L’Epochè Fantastique, 2007

Image source: LaborSies + Höke


"why hate on trans men when you can hate on cis men?"

dang this list could get long but I’ll start small

  1. Many trans men have access to male privilege, but are often excluded from critiques of that power structure, though they actively engage in it.
  2. Trans men treat misogyny…


On social justice—a recap of a GDC talk.





Crazy Gringa of the Day: Mexicans Need to Repent for Their Indigenous Blood

According to Christian evangelist Cindy Jacobs, Mexicans need to repent for their Indigenous ancestor’s “sin of animism.” Animism being the view that plants, animals, rocks and other “inanimate objects” have souls, like humans.

Jacobs, who has called herself a “respected profit,” claims in a video that Native blood is in essence responsible for divorce, family feuds, sibling rivalries, breaking up churches and tribal wars. Apparently, this is due to “the Leviathan spirit,” which is a Satanic concept, being “very active in [the] bloodline” of Mexicans and other Natives. She goes on to say that this spirit is territorial, and therefore, Texas and other places where Indigenous Peoples are from, need to be “dealt with.” Whatever that means.

Jacobs has been featured several times in Right Wing Watch for her extremely racist and homophobic views. Although this video is a few months old, it’s worth pointing out these views exist and are widely circulated amongst Christian evangelists. Thanks to Xochi for reminding us of this crazy gringa.

fuck her. i hate these ugly white people they need to disappear

what the hell 

I don’t even know where they get this shit from. This is what happens when people try to twist the bible to extremes in order to justify their extremely bigoted opinions

what did i just read

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