Twenty-four. November 11th. Toronto. Boyf to the max.

qui nos opprimere velint illos libenter devoramus


Mr. & Mrs. No Personal Space


A tribute to Dark Souls. 
To buy a print , click here .


A tribute to Dark Souls. 

To buy a print , click here .


The “Juno Ludovisi”, loved by Goethe and Schiller, who wrote about her:
“… we find ourselves at one and the same time in a state of utter repose and supreme agitation, and there results that wondrous stirring of the heart, for which mind has no concept nor speech any name.”
Palazzo Altemps, Rome
July 2014


Lake Park in The Lost Creek Wilderness, Colorado

how to get a boyfriend


put peanut butter on a pinecone and roll it in bird seed. hang it up outside. wait.

Favorite movies: The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

“This… stuff? Oh. Okay. I see. You think this has nothing to do with you. You go to your closet and you select… I don’t know… that lumpy blue sweater, for instance because you’re trying to tell the world that you take yourself too seriously to care about what you put on your back. But what you don’t know is that that sweater is not just blue, it’s not turquoise. It’s not lapis. It’s actually cerulean. And you’re also blithely unaware of the fact that in 2002, Oscar de la Renta did a collection of cerulean gowns. And then I think it was Yves Saint Laurent… wasn’t it who showed cerulean military jackets? I think we need a jacket here. And then cerulean quickly showed up in the collections of eight different designers. And then it, uh, filtered down through the department stores and then trickled on down into some tragic Casual Corner where you, no doubt, fished it out of some clearance bin.”

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