Twenty-four. November 11th. Toronto. Boyf to the max.

qui nos opprimere velint illos libenter devoramus


Finally. I’m home.


Finally. I’m home.



White people get mad when you wear a band t shirt of a band you don’t listen to, but they’re fine with wearing headdresses from cultures they know and care nothing about.

oh damn


Here it is folks! You can tip your hats to Artsywindow, who did the absolutely stunning art. He’s been an amazing partner on this project and I can’t give him enough thanks for bringing this story to life. Keep your eyes trained for the second half of the comic to be released early next month! If you’ve enjoyed this first release, please check out the Patreon page and consider pledging to guarantee more comic releases in the future! There’s some pretty cool rewards available too, so your contributions will be recognized! A more comprehensive post to cover the details of that will be up shortly.

I also want to extend huge appreciation to veitstanz, gatherersgarden, makanidotdot, and fivetail for all of their support!


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